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Anand Krishna’s Suggestions

(Presented during the Plenary Session on the 28th of November 2008,
with Former President of Portugal, H.E. Dr. Mario Soares in chair)

Excellencies, Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

I would like, first of all, to thank and extend my appreciation to the Government, the city and the beautiful people of Minas, especially Belo Horizonte – for hosting this very important event. I am also grateful to the organizers, the sponsors, and the participants of this conference. Obrigado thank you) Minas Gerais…..

Brazil, eu trago a voces uma mensagem de paz e amor de duzentos e vinte milhoes de Indonesios, Brazil, eu amor voces (Brazil, I bring you message of peace and love from 220 million Indonesians. Brazil, I love you).

Allow me now, to put forward, or rather share with you some of my thoughts:

  1. Let us learn from our past mistakes. In the past we regarded oil as well as other natural resources as commodities, and we have not only seen the result of it, but suffering from it. LET US NOT CONSIDER WATER AS A COMMODITY, BUT AS NATURE’S BOUNTY.
  2. Let us recognize GREED as the source cause of all our problems. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “There is enough for everyone’s needs but not enough for even a single person’s greed”. Greed has made us very consumptive, and now we are in FEAR ABOUT OUR FUTURE, since our resources are limited.
  3. We must recognize fear as one of the animalistic instincts we have inherited from a long evolution from amoeba to mammalian. We share with other animals, fear and its mechanism of fight or flight, as also eating, drinking, sleeping and sex. Being reactive to a situation is another animalistic instinct. Biologically and psychologically speaking, all these instincts are part of the limbic section of our brain. We humans are endowed with Neo Cortex, which knows another language, that of being responsive and responsible, not just reactive. Education must take care of this. 
  4. Any solution based on fear, would not be long lasting and shall only result in more problems.
  5. The only solution, only option which is rightfully human would therefore be the raising of human consciousness. Let us all realize that WE SHARE ONE EARTH, ONE SKY AND WE ARE ONE HUMANKIND. WE ARE FAMILY. 
  6. With such realization, let us then develop the necessary willingness to share and care. Let us do this out of love and compassion. The more privileged must willingly share with the less privileged.
  7. Let us also define Globalization in a more humane way. Let it not be just an economic globalization, but cultural globalization. Let the people, the children of Mother Earth come together and work together with all energy to the healing of Mother Earth, this Planet Water.

Thank You!

(excerpted from the upcoming book “From Bali to belo Horizonte”. For details please click