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Anand Krishna attend Earth Dialogues on Water Planet at Belo Horizonte

Anand Krishna with Adam Koniuszewski (middle) and Alexander Likhotal (right) of Green Cross

Liny (left), Anand Krishna and Prof. Mohan Munasinghe (right - Co-winner 2007 Nobel Peace Prize)

Anand Krishna with Alberto Andrich (right) and Max Fercondini (left)

Anand Krishna (right) with Milton Nogueira da Silva (left) and a Native Indian Community leader (middle)

Anand Krishna presenting his paper

Anand Krishna (2nd from right) at the Closing Pannel

Immediately after the presentation, Anand Krishna was kissed in a Brazilian tradition by the Chairman of the conference

Anand Krishna with Bawa Jain (right - Secretary General of the Millennium World Peace Summit)

Liny (left), Anand Krishna and Maya (right) inside crystal cave of Gruttas